About the Math Mill

Welcome to the Math Mill! In the winter of 2019, a handful of mathematics educators in the Merrimack Valley joined together to create the Math Mill, a math teachers' circle serving teachers in the Merrimack Valley region in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Based in Lowell, MA, we're excited to network with educators from Lowell, Londonderry, Haverhill, Nashua, Newburyport, Chelmsford, and all local communities!

Our Mission

The Math Mill is intended to support math educators at all levels in the Merrimack Valley by fostering a community around the learning and teaching of mathematics. We hold sessions once per month hosted by local and national mathematics educators which engage members in productive struggle through problem solving. By providing a safe space for educators to challenge themselves as learners, we anticipate that ultimately the problem-solving determination and creative solutions discovered in these meetings will make their way back to homes and classrooms across the region. Key to our mission is the creation of an open, non-judgmental atmosphere where educators can come together, share their passions for mathematics education, and have some fun along the way!

About the Merrimack Valley

Merrimack Valley is a bi-state region that includes surrounding towns and cities that span the Merrimack River in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. In starting the Math Mill, we aim to support teachers in districts with historically disadvantaged students, such as Lawrence and Lowell. In both these cities, more than 74% of students are considered high needs, meaning that they are at risk of educational failure or otherwise in need of special assistance and support. This category includes students living in poverty, students who are performing far below grade level, students who are homeless or living in foster care, students who have disabilities, and students who are English Learners.

Our Leadership Team

Current Members:

Katie Miller, Assistant Teaching Professor of Mathematics, UMass Lowell

Daniel Glasscock, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, UMass Lowell

Tom Heywosz, High School Math Teacher, Lowell Public Schools

Ken Levasseur, Professor of Mathematics, UMass Lowell

Additional Founding Members:

Anna Baturin, High School Math Teacher, Lowell Public Schools

Stephanie Bellerose, High School Math Teacher, Lowell Public Schools

Jeff Gwiazda, District Coordinator of K-12 Mathematics, Lowell Public Schools

Janet Koza, 5th Grade Math Teacher, Lowell Public Schools

Douglas Miller, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Lawrence Public Schools

Libby Often, Mathematics Department Chair, Lowell High School

Nick Rossetti, High School Math Teacher, Lowell Public Schools